Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Harmony

Embracing the rhythm of your choices, we offer a graceful window of 24 hours for order cancellations, allowing you to dance freely with your decisions. Within this time, a cancellation leads to a harmonious 100% refund, resonating with your initial order value.

Returns with a Heartbeat

Our stage welcomes returns in specific symphonies: the delicate chime of a broken item, the unexpected note of a wrongly sent piece, or the mismatched size that plays out of tune. After a pause of 30 days from receiving your treasures, the encore of returns takes center stage.

Instruments of Eligibility

To unlock the return melody, a key duo is required: your order number, a loyal companion, and the visual proof of the anomaly encountered. The returning piece must perform in pristine condition, clad in its original attire.

Lost Echoes

Yet, like whispers in the wind, the responsibility for lost items eludes our grasp, and refunds remain distant echoes in this case.

The Overture of Approval

As your return's symphony reaches our ears and is duly inspected, a concerto of notifications shall play. An email shall dance into your inbox, bearing tidings of receipt and the verdict of approval or decline.

The Crescendo of Refunds

For the fortunate, where approval takes the lead, the grand crescendo of refunds commences. A credit ballet graces your credit card or the original maestro of payment, its tempo guided by the rhythms of card issuers.

Echoes Across Time

Like the distant reverberations of a bell tower, the timing of refunds may echo across your accounts. Should the echo fade, a dialogue with your bank or credit card composer may be in order.

The Finale Call

If, after all melodies have been played, your refund refrain remains unsung, reach out to us at the harmony hub,

Our Grand Theater

444 Alaska Avenue
Suite #BLO476
Torrance, CA 90503

Exchanges in Tune

Only when a piece falters or a note distorts, shall we enact the exchange act. For the same performance in a different attire, let the melody of guide you.

Shipping Serenade

Place your item in the melodious embrace of a box, accompanied by the sheet music of your email confirmation or the original receipt. A note, like a serenade, whispers your wishes for resolution. Without the receipt's melody, exchanges and refunds remain inaudible.

Duet of Responsibility

The tango of shipping costs rests on your shoulders, a partner in this performance. Shipping costs, the silent performers, take a bow, but they shall not rejoin the stage of refunds.

Guardians of the Journey

For items whose worth crosses the $50 threshold, a guardian of tracking or a sentinel of shipping insurance is wise. The reliability of our stage's reception, while steady, dances on the breeze of uncertainty.

In the symphony of Casesfuly, your steps and choices create the music, and we harmonize our policies to be in rhythm with your journey.